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HEATINGlife. Choosing the best way to heat your home.

02 May 2023
Sustainable Future Theatre
Part 1 - Architect and Paragraph 80 expert, Richard Hawkes is an ambitious and pioneering architect thriving to reduce the energy required to build and live in the context of the global climate emergency. In this session Richard will focus on the development of a unique tool which enables homeowners and professionals to make more informed decisions about which heating system might be most appropriate for any given property depending on whether the objective is short term investment to reduce bills, longer term savings or reducing carbon footprint. The tool provides unbiassed hollisitic lifecycle data for any new build or existing property based on house size, heat demand, and existing infrastructure. The tool reveals how there is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to heating your home. It's a session not to be missed.
Richard Hawkes - Hawkes Architecture Ltd