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Sustainable Future Theatre

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Why my approach to architecture is not mainstream and challenges convention

29 Apr 2023
Sustainable Future Theatre
In this first of two presentations Robert will share some of his personal journey from his experiences of childhood at home and in school that shaped his philosophy and thinking, to the revelations and epiphanies across two decades of teaching, practice, research and travel. Director of an architecture, research and design practice whose primary focus and output challenges mainstream architecture, Robert cites current education and building practices as misleading and grossly misinformed. His approach deconstructs the fabric of conventional principles to create an architecture embedded in ancient wisdom teachings to cultivate authentic living and life within the home, an approach which rejects cultural conditioning and propaganda. Robert's output seeks to align his clients to their true nature connected to the energies of the elemental universe.
Max McMurdo, Upcycler, Designer and Presenter
Robert Jamison, Director