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Sustainable Future Theatre NEC23

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Bat and Bird-Friendly Building and Landscape Design

04 Oct 2023
By prioritising the needs of bats and birds, we unlock the potential to create sustainable and carbon-efficient structures that have a positive impact on both the environment and human society. Join us for an enlightening panel discussion featuring Kevin McCloud and Brian Murphy, HiiGuru's Sustainable Design & Construction expert and co-author of "Bats and Birds in Zero Carbon Buildings." Together, they will explore the seamless integration of bat and bird-friendly building and landscape design within a carbon-rationed world. This insightful discussion will delve into the critical aspects of providing suitable habitats for these species while meeting Biodiversity Net Gain requirements. Gain valuable insights into innovative construction methods and thoughtful design that harmoniously support both present and potential bat and bird populations.
Brian Murphy -
Kevin McCloud
Max McMurdo, Upcycler, Designer and Presenter
Richard Hawkes - Hawkes Architecture Ltd
Nigel Symes - RSPB