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Teule - Andrei Petrar

Teule is an alternative to conventional roof tiles, which adds benefits in several areas: from providing atmospheric cooling (reducing the Urban Heat Island effects), retaining rain water (which would drastically reduce the incidence of floods and drainage systems overloading during heavy rains), to capturing of certain atmospheric pollutants, and even reducing the energy consumption for thermoregulation of buildings.

The purpose of Teule is to make green roofs widely accessible, easy to install, and preferably substitute conventional roof coverings. It achieves this by using a like-for-like approach, where conventional roof tiles could be replaced with TEULE Green Roof Tiles, without having to reinforce the roof structure, or to keep the existing roof covering in place, as it is the case with current solutions. This is possible due to its unique form and carefully selected materials.

The main constituent of a TEULE Green Roof Tile is Coconut Fiber, which is a widely available resource, mostly discarded as by-product of coconut cultivation.

You can fit Teule tiles to roofs with slopes between 15 to 60 degrees – that is much steeper than other green roof systems. The revolutionary substrate allows the tile to store about 20 litres of water per square metre, although the dry weight is only 10kg to 20kg. When fully-saturated, the weight does not exceed 40 kg per square metre, so Teule could replace clay tiles on existing roofs with no need for strengthening the roof structure – anywhere where a sedum-based extensive roof would thrive, you can have TEULE.

My name is Andrei Petrar and I graduated in Engineering Product Design in 2022 from London South Bank University. I have always been passionate about design, although not fully aware of it. My childhood was marked by constantly making, crafting, spending countless hours in my small workshop in the corner of a basement. I enjoyed knowing about a lot of fields and combining that in practical ways.

Before taking the Engineering Product Design course, I used to work mostly as furniture designer, but also approaching other fields, from web and graphic design, to computer programming, and product design, which eventually set my path for what I want to do next. My plans for the immediate future involve to further develop TEULE and bring it to the market, as well as cementing a career in the field of Design Consultancy, where to make the most of my varied knowledge and contributing to my best capacity for bettering our lives.

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