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PUREAIR, when nature meets technology.
A sustainable zero waste air purification system, harnessing the natural power of plants and activated substrates. PUREAIR is designed for maximising home working productivity and wellness.

Indoor air is ten times more polluted than outside air. COVID-19 has created a dramatic increase in sustained home working and is expected to continue. With the global air purifier market size averaging 21 million products, there are 6,000 tonnes of non-biodegradable HEPA filters discarded and sent to landfills each year.

PUREAIR uses Phytoremediation technology to naturally purify and gently humidify the air. Over 60 Times more effective than a single houseplant. PUREAIR adapts to its surroundings becoming more efficient over time. Air is forced through a layer of natural substrate, the air’s contaminants are initially trapped by active carbon allowing microbes in the soil to break them down. Thus allowing the plant's root system to absorb and digest these VOC’s turning them into new plant matter. This makes PUREAIR bio-regenerative (self-cleaning). The improvement of air quality within a domestic workplace reduces the risk of health implications, stress, and anxiety, boosting concentration and the overall feeling of well-being.

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