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Extra large pendant light Bell 16 is part of a series of bestselling models, Scraplights Classic Series. Pendant is handcrafted from recycled cardboard. The pendant light provides warm, intimate, and functional lighting for any occasion or space. Tough and elegant, each is precision cut with a laser and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesive, and all Scraplights are treated with a non-toxic fire retardant. Their shapes are tilted, which not only creates a different light perspective, but also a new perspective on the original Scraplights shapes. The material can be seen from a whole new point of view and therefore offer a new presence to any (quirky) interior.

Responsible design & sustainable production methods by Scraplights create natural, modern light fittings suitable for both residential & commercial lighting interiors.

Pepper Sq. is an online retailer that offers furniture from artisan and top-tier European manufacturers with an eye on interior design know-how and proprietary virtualisation capabilities. The company invites customers to discover “their inner interior designer” while helping them along with the actual interior design including floor layout, colour scheme alongside testing furniture dimensions. Pepper Sq actively invests into immersive design technologies, to facilitate the new shopping habits of consumers, as well as offer realistic recommendations and reassuring tips throughout the process.

“We are reimagining the way people design and furnish their homes, by connecting data and technology to simplify the furniture shopping process. We want to eliminate fear and uncertainty of online furniture shopping while helping customers to create beautiful, sustainable home interiors that are perfectly suited to them, without the usual stress of complex design decisions.” - CEO, Oxana Yanushkovskaya


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