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Lakeland Paints

All Lakeland Paints are Zero VOC, Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly, Super-breathable & Super sustainable. All are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Natural, Organic, ISO14001 and EN71/395 certified, with Next Day Delivery.
Lakeland Air Purifying Paints - in 372 colours - as showcased here, leap further into the future – using molecular sieve zeolite technology to eradicate the VOCs, fumes & NOX within your home, which, in the city can be 70x more polluted than outdoors. (WHO).
"The annual mortality of human-made air pollution in the UK is roughly equivalent to between 28,000 and 36,000 deaths every year" (.gov document).
Lakeland Paints can help to eradicate this unnecessary risk to life & health.

Mission Statement
To rid the world of unnecessary VOCs, Solvents & Toxins in Paint. More than 30 years ago we set out to make solvent-free natural paints because the use of solvents (VOCs) is highly polluting, affects climate change badly and is not necessary. And also because the new normal was – and still is - Low VOC, Low carbon paint – but that’s an easy thing to do - its really not difficult – but Low is not Zero – so why stop at LOW ? - When you can have Zero Solvents, Zero VOCs, Zero heavy metals – All Certified Zero – made in UK by Lakeland Paints. When we say Zero we mean 0.000%. All in 100% recyclable packaging.
Normal paints emitted 24 Million tonnes of VOCs into the atmosphere last year* – how much pollution did Lakeland emit ? Zero. Nothing. So much so that we won Four major environmental awards and are ISO 14001 accredited. So – if you want to settle for half-best, for Low VOC - if Just OK is good enough - well, there are plenty out there selling Low VOC paints - though our customers say What are you missing out on ! -what getting rid of that last spoonful of VOCs means to a family – What 0.000% VOC feels like - to Breathe truly fresh air in your home every day – non-polluting and with a clear conscience. Why settle for half a job – don’t go Low VOC - go Zero VOC with Lakeland 0.000%. In 372 Colours. Only at Lakeland. Made in the UK. *UN/WHO documents ehc 187 et al.


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