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K-Briq® by Kenoteq Ltd

Design without compromise. The K-Briq® and K-Slip™are revolutionary UK-manufactured low carbon, circular building materials for interior or exterior use, made from over 90% recycled construction and demolition waste together with recycled pigments, to offer a wide colour palette. Unfired but with a technical specification akin to traditional clay bricks, the products have less than 4% the carbon footprint of traditional bricks and brickslips and are 100% recyclable.
Over 10 years in development, the K-Briq and K-Slip are science-based innovations developed in conjunction with industry to offer a different approach to creating our built environment if we are to meet our ambitious net zero goals. Traditional materials such as cement and brick, are notoriously harmful to our natural environment, use precious natural resources and are being produced at a rapid rate. Team this with the fact that the built environment’s CO2 emissions account for 39% of the world’s total and the fact that the UK construction sector produces over a third of the UK’s overall waste and we have natural opportunity for the recycled low-carbon K-Briq to revolutionise how building materials are made and how we build, demolish and recycle from hereonin with our eyes set firmly on net zero.
The products have a competitive technical specification to traditional bricks and brickslips but offer full design flexibility as well as an ultra low carbon alternative. Coloured using recycled pigments, the products are available in 13 standard colours with a bespoke colour development service also on offer. K-Briqs are certified facing bricks and are available in solid and perforated formats with frogged bricks and bespoke shapes and sizes possible. K-Slips are available in 3 different lengths and widths and are ideal for external facades or internal walls and features, providing you with endless possibilities for your design project.



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