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Interesting Times Gang

The Kelp Collection are a seating collection inspired by the picturesque archipelago on the west coast of Sweden.
The designs are produced using large scale 3D-printing with a bio-composite material consisting of sourced maritime gear, such as old ropes and fishing nets and wood fiber.

Interesting Times Gang introduces a vision of what can be achieved with large-scale 3D-printed furniture made of recycled fishing nets and wood fibre.
Design doesn’t have to be safe, solely functional and lacking in personality. The proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, the Michelin-starred meal. When two Michelin star chefs, Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander, were looking for furniture for their new sushi restaurant, Black Milk Sushi, they had a few specific requirements. Foremost, they were looking for something sustainable and out of the ordinary. This led to interesting times for the gang, who were immediately up to the challenge. 
Inspiration came from the picturesque archipelago on the west coast of Sweden. The flowing seaweed, or kelp, beneath the surface ultimately led to Kelp Collection – chairs made of materials sourced from maritime gear, such as old ropes and fishing nets. The chair’s design gives an impression of life on the ocean floor. Thanks to 3D printing technique Interesting Times Gang were able to create shapes that otherwise are difficult to produce and in a sense the chair is a love letter to these surroundings.
Kelp Collection isn’t just a striking furniture collection; it also brings attention to the loss of kelp forests due to unsustainable fishing and rising ocean temperatures.

Interesting Times Gang are a multidisciplinary creative studio, founded in Stockholm 2020, with a singular focus. To make things better by making better things.
We design and produce circular concepts, products and immersive experiences in the spaces between the inevitable and the impossible.


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