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Kevin's Green Heroes

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Nontalo by Eneris Collective

Ingenious and spontaneous. It is not just a stool, it is a stool that evolves.
Nontalo is constructed from six modules: three P-shaped pieces that can be combined and positioned in different ways and three straight rods that hold them together, forming a variety of shapes ranging from a three-legged stool to a bench seat and many alternatives in between where the imagination and needs of the user come into play.

From waste to product: a modular stool made from 7,500 olive pits.
All the modules are made entirely from Reolivar, a material that NaifactoryLAB created by mixing olive pits and other natural ingredients. This waste is used to create a new natural wood that is easy to mould without the need to cut down trees to obtain it. With its rough, organic textures, it creates a natural environment. This seat is monomaterial, so it is not necessary to join elements together. This facilitates its production, assembly and, above all, its recycling and the end of the product's useful life.

Handles: @eneriscollective // @naifactory_lab

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